Nutrient Analysis

Today’s consumers are more health conscious and would like to choose from menu options that fit in with their diet and lifestyle. Food manufacturers providing nutrition information lend a hand to such consumers to make informed decisions about their food, and in turn create healthy, loyal, happy patrons.

In addition, food manufacturers providing meals for child care, youth, seniors and other programs funded by US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and

DC Department of Health Services (DHS) must meet certain requirements by having their recipe and meal analyzed

by certified professionals to comply with federal guidelines.

At Nutrition Link we use USDA standard reference nutrient data and Canadian nutrient databases along with

experienced registered dietitians to calculate Nutrition Facts for a variety of consumers and businesses. Calculations

are based on the nutrition fact of each contributing ingredient and their percentage use in your formula.

These nutrition facts are totaled and factored with your processing procedures, enabling us to accurately assess the

nutrition facts of your finished entrée or meal. Nutrition-Care can also help review, modify and facilitate development

of colorful, delicious, unique, healthy entrees for your meals.

To have your analysis done, please call or email Nutrition Link to discuss scope of work, samples, confidentiality and

pricing. Analysis of recipes and/or meals in bulk quantities can be done in a timely manner.

Please call (240) 994-4827 or email  A Nutrition Link staff will call or respond to your email

within 24 hours to discuss your request.

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