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I am Sunithi Selvaraj (a.k.a. Sue), a Registered Dietitian currently heading my own private practice in the DC Metro Area where I worked with Head Start as a community Nutritionist for more than 15 years. As a dietitian, I have worked in multi-cultural environments in countries including India, Oman(Middle East) and in the United States of America.

My experience with diverse diet planning and monitoring began in India where I worked for the Diabetic Research Center in Bangalore, India. Subsequently, I joined Royal Hospital in Muscat, Oman providing professional services as dietitian. This allowed me to work in the treatment and prevention of disease (administering medical nutrition therapy, as part of medical teams) and as a part of local hospitals and other health care facilities.


In 1999, I worked as a “Nutritionist Specialist” with Head Start in Washington DC,
USA. Highlights of my job included planning creative, nutritious, child friendly menus and performing nutrition assessments. I designed, developed and delivered nutrition education via informative and interactive workshops, provide oversight to Dietetic Interns seeking exposure to Community Nutrition and provide counseling for members in the community.


Since 2007, I became a trainer and administer of Food Safety Manager Certification exams for Food Safety Managers and Food Handlers. Training and administration of exams are provided on behalf of National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) and National Environment for Health Association.

In May of 2015 I became a certified trainer with OSSE and am able to provide Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and Continuing Professional Education Credits (CPEUs)  for any workshop or training I may provide.  Workshops are my passion and I love to teach practical nutrition.

Since October 2015, I started my own private practice and have been involved in community nutrition, creating nutrition labels, workshops, training and nutrition counselling.

I am also passionate about helping people take steps toward a healthier life via counselling and workshops.  I have created a gluten free blog called “Sue’sNutrition Buzz” where I  blog Health / Nutrition related topics. When I need to unleash some creativity I blog!

Last, but not least, I am wife to a supportive spouse and a mother to two children, all three of whom are my greatest inspiration and my fondest critics. My family are the “guinea pig” for any New Nutrition concoction or recipe which I may create and keep me firmly grounded when it comes to ensuring it tastes good! When I am not creating recipes or dreaming up workshops, you may find me jogging to de-stress!! Dont be fooled by the health buff image…I also have a sweet tooth but firmly believe that as long as one eats healthy most of the time, a little sweet cheat is alright! Everything in moderation.

Whether it is a workshop you’re looking for or a counselling session to better your health, I will do my best to fulfill your needs! Give me a call!!

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